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Lunch Hour Lecture: AI in healthcare - over-hyped or under-used?

22 January 2019

About the lecture: Artificial intelligence (AI) is lauded in sectors from banking to marketing, yet its healthcare applications are comparatively incipient. It has enormous potential…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Should abortion be decriminalised in the UK?

29 January 2019

About the lecture: Legal abortion has been available in the UK since the 1967 Abortion Act. However, many people are unaware that inducing an abortion is still a criminal offence under…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Risk Communication in Multilingual Societies: ‘We don’t need no translator’

5 February 2019

About the lecture: Limited access to information renders linguistically and culturally diverse communities vulnerable in crisis scenarios (from natural hazards to pandemics, via local…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Caesarean section: Too few or Too many?

7 February 2019

About the lecture: Caesarean section(CS), has become the most commonly performed major surgical operation worldwide. Although “modern style” CS were first performed at the end of the…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Cancer of The Vulva

26 February 2019

About the lecture: Vulval cancer is rare and little known about. It mainly affects older women, and a large proportion experience a delayed diagnosis due to being unaware of the symptoms…


Lunch Hour Lecture: The forces that shape us: How do embryos build their spinal cord?

5 March 2019

Mammalian embryos undergo origami-like folding to sculpt their rudimentary tissues into organs. Hundreds of genes are known to be required for normal embryo development, but how these…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Disaster: It’s Not Like a Hollywood Movie

7 March 2019

About the lecture: Each year around the world there are more than 600 disasters. Hollywood movies have propagated a popular culture viewpoint that is very different from the real disasters…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Save the Children: containing child obesity from a human evolutionary perspective

12 March 2019

About the lecture: Some 10% of pupils arriving at English primary school are already overweight at 5 years old but, according to a recent NHS report (2017), by the time children reach…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Brain Imaging for Global Health

19 March 2019

About the lecture: For infants living in resource-poor settings, exposure to malnutrition, poor sanitation and infectious diseases can have a very damaging effect not just on their…


Lunch Hour Lecture: If self-driving cars are the answer, what’s the question?

21 March 2019

About the lecture: On public roads, private test tracks and inside computer models, self-driving cars are currently learning to drive. The hype and the amounts of investment are huge.…


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