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Tuesday 24 April 2018

TCRU Seminar Series: Towards a new research agenda for fathers’ involvement post-separation

13:00  — 14:00

The involvement of fathers in both couple and separated families has been high on the agenda of policy-makers and researchers for some time now, yet, little dialogue takes between the…


The Affective Geopolitics of the New Cold War

18:15  — 19:30

Relations between Russia and the West have deteriorated to such a degree that it is commonplace to speak of a 'new Cold War.' What factors have produced this dangerous set of affairs?…


UCL MA Museum Studies Exhibition: Sex and Symbolism

(until 27 Apr 18)

Visit the Institute of Archaeology for an exciting new exhibition on sex and symbolism! Organised by the MA Museum Studies students, this exhibition will use art, archaeology, and modern…


What if… we really wanted to prepare young people for the age of artificial intelligence?

17:45  — 19:00

There’s lots of talk at the moment about robots and artificial intelligence and how they are bringing about a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ in which occupations and the labour market,…


“Dangers and Delusions”? Perspectives on the women’s suffrage movement

(until 14 Dec 18)

Displaying items from UCL Special Collections, this exhibition examines the actions and reactions attending the women's suffrage movement from the 1860s up to the Representation of…


Wednesday 25 April 2018

Biosocial research: some challenges from a sociological perspective

17:00  — 18:00

Guest speaker seminar series academic year: 2017-2018 The talk will address some of the criticisms of biosocial research from Sociology, reflecting on concerns related to eugenics,…


Revival – A series of devised performance pieces based on the papyrus texts

18:00  — 21:00

A series of devised performances from the University of East London's MA Drama students, based on the stories and insights from the papyrus collection. There is a chance to see a new…


STEaPP Seminar Series - Wicked Infrastructure: Wide-ranging solution or omnipresent problem?

15:30  — 17:00

From critical to digital to green, infrastructure is arguably the most defining feature of the organisation, functioning and wellbeing of modern societies. Despite its pervasiveness…


‘Is it true? … What is the meaning of it?’: Bentham, Romanticism, and the Fictions of Reason'.

18:00  — 20:00

Bentham and the Arts seminar: Dr Tim Milnes (Edinburgh).


Thursday 26 April 2018

The Object Habit

13:15  — 13:45

A series of lunchtime talks where UCL student volunteers at the Petrie reveal their favourite objects that relate to their interest and research. It offers visitors an opportunity to…


Monday 30 April 2018

An hour of Canadian poetry, writing and politics

18:00  — 19:30

Gary Geddes and Ann Eriksson - Canadian authors Gary Geddes and Ann Eriksson have spent much of their lives writing about politics in its broadest sense. According to Pablo Neruda,…


One-Day Workshop Exhibition

(until 5 May 18)

An interactive exhibition showing a series of workshops by STORE and UCL, which introduce young people to architecture at university. Come and see designs and templates for architecture…


Tuesday 1 May 2018

UCL Chamber Music Club Concert

17:30  — 18:30

To celebrate the anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK, the Club presents a programme by women composers, including Ethel Smyth’s ‘March of the Women’, and music for violin and…


WAVECRAFT: Two pioneers of EEG and their world

(until 31 Jul 18)

90 years ago Hans Berger discovered the brain’s ‘alpha’ rhythm. A decade later William Grey Walter set up the first EEG lab in the UK before becoming a leading light in the field. This…


Wednesday 2 May 2018

Book Launch: Sophia Psarra - The Venice Variations

18:30  — 20:00

Hear author Sophia Psarra discuss her new book The Venice Variations: Tracing the Architectural Imagination. For the launch of her new book Sophia will discuss the lessons learnt from…


Deconstructing Energy Narratives and Futures in Africa

18:00  — 19:45

The inaugural lecture of Yacob Mulugetta, Professor of Energy and Development Policy, and Director of the MPA Programme at the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public…


Intersections in the Americas: the UCL Americas Research Network Annual Conference 2018

(until 4 May 18)

The UCL Americas Research Network is pleased to present the 4th Annual Conference of the Americas Research Network: Intersections in the Americas held at UCL Institute of the Americas…


Thinkspace: Food - How should we feed London? Part One

18:30  — 20:00

Thinkspace, a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion and debate at UCL, will look at the vital moral, political, social and urban issues behind feeding London and other big cities…


Thursday 3 May 2018

Borealism: In Search for the North. Public Lecture by Prof. Sylvain Briens

17:00  — 19:00

Since antiquity the North has fascinated historians, geographers, philosophers and Southern writers, who have projected various forms of discourse onto it, from scientific observations…


Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour: The Unnatural Nature of Natural History Museums

13:00  — 14:00

Event Information: Natural history museums are magical places. They inspire awe and wonder in the natural world and help us understand our place within the animal kingdom. But they…


Public engagement with population health science

09:30  — 13:00

The UCL Centre for the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents aims to improve the health of women, children, and adolescents in low-, middle-, and high-income countries through inclusive…


Tuesday 8 May 2018

Urban Rooms: Civic Schools & City Learning. Past, Present and Future

18:30  — 20:00

Christine Gaspar, Director of the Centre for Urban Pedagogy, New York, will give the Urban Rooms keynote lecture. The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a non-profit organisation that…


What if…we thought anew about how we support special educational needs and disability in our schools

17:45  — 19:00

This year the Warnock Report turns 40 years old. How far have we come and where should we go next? The Warnock Report marked a pivotal change in the provision of education for children…


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